2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Proposed actions 2018   Planned actions 2019
CeX advanced training. Digitalisation of the bill and greater self-management by the customer on the website.
Greater dissemination of knowledge about the sector, company and products and services. Annual Customer Centricity Action Plan.
Consolidation of personal experimentation of the customer reality. Simplification of the Naturgy Customers digital universe.
Visible commitment. New in-store customer service model.
Recognition / Pride of belonging. Redesign of e-commerce from the point of view of simplicity (SimpleMind Project).
Evolution trips and measurement.  
COMeX consolidation.  
Roll-out of the Partners programme.  
Raising awareness about the centrality of the customer to our business.  
Development of the new wholesale Virtual Office.  
Level of fulfilment:
Finalised Major progress Intermediate progress Little progress Not started

Client at the centre of all decisions

In 2018 the company began a new stage with an overhauled brand that reflects the corporate transformation, an evolution resulting from 175 years’ experience and which supports our commitment with the customer to adapt ourselves to both the present and the future.

This new stage reasserts our customer centricity vocation as the basic pillar of the Strategic Plan 2018–2022, placing the customer at the focal point of all decisions in order to offer an excellent service in a simpler, more innovating, more digital, nearer and more environmentally friendly way.

Quality and reliability of the service

To ensure a safe and continuous supply, the company performs a series of inspection and evaluation actions, which help to define the corresponding preventive and mitigation measures, maximising the useful life of the assets, and which are included in Naturgy’s Maintenance Plan for each type of installation.

The processes of preventive and corrective maintenance are periodically subjected to internal reviews. The maintenance actions performed by the company are reflected in the evolution of the main quality/service indicators, which have revealed a notable improvement in recent years. These indicators measure, inter alia, response times to a notification of a malfunction or anomalous situation affecting the grid, the stoppage time per customer or installed power, the kilometres of the grid and facilities inspected, and the number of incidents per kilometre of the grid.

To ensure that supply meets demand, Naturgy regularly reviews the operating conditions of its networks, to make sure these are correctly sized or, if appropriate, to determine the potential needs of repowering or enlarging these. Furthermore, in electricity distribution, Naturgy partakes in several R&D&I projects for storage of energy in batteries, the development of smart grids, the use of drones to the maintenance of installations and the introduction of predictive maintenance techniques for the main grid equipment.

Installed capacity equivalent interrupt time (ICEIT) [EU29] (horas) (*)

(*) Figures relative to the electricity business.
Frequency of electrical power cuts (No. of interruptions by customer) (*) [EU28]

* Defined as the average number of interruptions which a customer would experience or SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index): total No. of interruptions to customers/total No. of customer supplied. Customers have been assimilated to supply points.

Products and services adapted to customers' requirements and priorities

The commercial strategy of Naturgy focuses on customer satisfaction, meeting their expectations with value-added proposals, innovating and incorporating digitalisation, whilst seeking to simplify the portfolio of products and services to facilitate a simpler and more complete experience to customers.

Naturgy therefore employs specific tools and plans to find out the customer’s needs and priorities, in order to adapt the products and services to their expectations. During 2018 the company has continued to perform major research work to meet the needs of its customers.

In its service offer, Naturgy takes charge of the planning and execution of the main energy facilities and their optimal maintenance throughout the entire contract:

  • Renovation of facilities and, if necessary, transformation to natural gas.
  • The financing of the entire project.
  • The most suitable maintenance plan to obtain the maximum efficiency of their business.
  • Total guarantee of the facility.
  • Customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Digital platform for management of customer consumption.

This value proposal is contextualised in different services:

Innovative products and services [102-2]
Eco Gas Tariff Since 2017, Naturgy has had an ECO Gas Tariff, with a stable kWh price for one year, for those customers with a greater sensitivity in environmental matters.
Servielectric Car Comprehensive and personalised electric mobility solution that allows customers to enjoy their electric vehicle charging point.
Offer for the photovoltaic installation Comprehensive offer to encourage the installation of solar panels (includes flexible nightly tariff, preventive maintenance and financing). 
ECO Business Plan ECO electricity offer for businesses that want 100% of their energy to be from a renewable source.
Fixed ECO Gas Plan ECO gas offer for those customers with a greater sensitivity towards environmental matters.
Personalised self-consumption solutions From execution and commissioning of the installation to the O&M services, monitoring services in real time and the possibility of financing the installation.
LNG bunkering Product targeting at large consumers of gas in maritime transport.
Gas and electricity coverage Transactions agreed directly with the customer and which are settled by differences. These enable the price to be set beforehand, removing uncertainties.
CO2 management Compensation of the Carbon Footprint of a product, service, event, activity or organisation, and neutralisation of the equivalent CO2 emissions.
Standard solutions (tertiary market and retail business energy solutions)
Gascomfort Gascomfort is a production plant optimisation service through the renewal/transformation of the room and comprehensive management throughout the contract.
Climatecomfort Electric air conditioning service, which allows the customer to renew their old air conditioning equipment with the best systems on the market.
Efficient lighting solutions Solutions in which an overhaul of the lighting is carried out using LED technology, such as public lighting projects or the Ledplus service.
LNG option The company provides a service that enables natural gas to be taken to customers that are some distance from this fuel distribution network.
PV option Integral service of photovoltaic self-consumption, from design and installation to maintenance and management of the surplus.

Customer service

Naturgy has introduced an innovative Customer Service Model that is fully adapted to customers’ characteristics and needs, offering close at hand and accessible solutions that allow for greater comfort and flexibility to our customers’ requests. The model applies technological innovation to reduce language, cultural, low literacy and disability related barriers with the aim to make communication more accessible and simpler.

The customer service channels that Naturgy makes available to customers aim to offer a customised service that satisfies their expectations, and with a particular focus on digital channels, to achieve a swift and flexible resolution with self-management, simplicity and in an environmentally friendly way.

In 2018, Naturgy placed a special focus on the most vulnerable groups as an example of its commitment to promote simple, clear and easy communication with all its customers, adapting to their needs. For this reason, the company has the highest accessibility technology in all customer service channels.

Customer service model at Naturgy
Means of customer service

Customer’s satisfaction and experience

Naturgy listens to its customers’ opinions and incorporates them into the decision-making process in order to develop innovative products and services that meet their needs and expectations.

The company has a model to measure customers’ experience, through which it constantly monitors the satisfaction of its customers and the level of recommendation. The model is based on three levers:

1. Measurement 2. Analysis 3. Close the loop

Naturgy collects the opinion of customers:

  • General surveys.
  • Surveys of interaction with the company (digital surveys).

The digital surveys allow a real-time analysis that can drive improvement initiatives in a fast and expeditious way.

The model analyses the different segments of customers and the critical contact points with an impact on the customer in every country in which the company operates.

Digitalisation of the measurement model allows online management of the discontent of its customers through the close-the-loop process, ensuring immediate corrective action through the management of alerts that are activated when the minimum satisfaction and recommendation thresholds required are not reached.

Customer Experience

Since 2015, Customer Experience has used a methodology through which the customer is at the centre the decisionmaking process, changing the way we do things in order to meet their needs and expectations, but above all, being sensitive to how they perceive the company and their experience within the company. The aim is to make Naturgy a benchmark at international level, in customer satisfaction in the energy sector, measured in terms of recommendation.

Overall satisfaction with service quality

*Chile has been calculated based on a 1–7 scale, unlike other countries which used a 0–10 scale.

Communication, transparency and customer protection

New channels of communication

Naturgy has adapted communication with customers through the use of new technologies, which encourages ongoing contact.

In 2018, the online sales of Naturgy in Spain consolidated the growth of previous years, with a total of 31,572 sales of services and supplies. In addition, we have continued to perform tests with the online contracting channel and have obtained appreciable results in the last quarter. Any tariff can be contracted from the postal address, avoiding more complex data for the customer.

In 2018, more than 13.1 million customers visited the website and received online information about Naturgy's products and services. As regards customer service, a total of 7.2 million customers used the company‘s online platforms. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) at the close of 2018, is as follows: 57%, customers area: 41%, customers area mobile: 33%, online attention: 62%. The rate of online versus off-line use in servicing has increased, up to 18.5%.

In 2018, the company reached 100,000 users on social networks. Over the same period, the community managers have handled 2,148,258 requests, thus improving customer satisfaction levels in the after-sales service, with the NPS at 62%.

The bill as a channel of communication

The bill provides information that is both relevant and of interest to customers:

  • All customers with the gas product contracted have been sent information with safety tips –the marketer is obliged by law to send this type of communication to all customers every two years.
  • Tips to save on heating before the cold weather arrives.
  • Channels to read the meter and perform other steps to enhance knowledge of digital channels (app and web).

In addition, different Customer Focus Groups have taken place in Spain to get customers’ opinion and to introduce improvements in the reading, billing and payment service.

Communication to raise customer awareness

Since 2007, Naturgy has had the Natural Commitment programme, which seeks to protect the environment by involving large customers, extending its environmental commitment beyond its own performance and that of its employees and suppliers.

In addition, the company has a space on the website available to customers, both individuals and companies, where they share experiences and information on efficient solutions and technologies.

Privacy and security of the customer’s data

Naturgy has defined an Information Security Policy that ensures proper processing of this data throughout its life cycle, from collection and processing through to removal or safeguarding this data once the relationship has terminated.

This policy is communicated to employees, suppliers and customers, and is implemented through a regulatory corpus in line with the legal requirements that govern the processing of information, the internationally accepted best practices and standards. This regulatory corpus includes the technical standard, which is for the purpose of guaranteeing the protection of personal data at Naturgy, and applies to all organisational units and companies of the group that capture or process personal data, as well as partners and suppliers that collaborate in such processing.

In addition, there are procedures for updating and correcting new vulnerabilities of systems, to propitiate better proactive conduct in the prevention of security incidents, and in the analysis and management of information security risks.

Cybersecurity Plan (2015-2018)

Naturgy has a cybersecurity plan at international level, which is based on three key pillars: people, processes and technology. Also in 2018 we worked on ten projects, nine of which finalised that year:

  • Review of the cybersecurity policy and regulatory body.
  • The new General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Conducting the business Impact analysis (BIA).
  • Conducting the risk analyses of Critical Infrastructures.
  • Integration of cybersecurity processes in Systems.
  • Implementation of a tool for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).
  • Standardisation of corporate network access (phase 2).
  • Adaptation of Critical Infrastructures to the regulations (InCrit).
  • Communication and training in cybersecurity.

During 2018 we have undertaken the project to adapt Naturgy to the new General Regulations governing Personal Data Protection (hereinafter, RGPD). Following the implementation, an external report has been drawn up to assess the adequacy of the GDPR. Although some points of improvement and recommendation have been detected by the auditors, the adjustment has been made in accordance with the provisions of the regulation.

During 2018, the company has maintained partnerships in cybersecurity with the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) and the ITSMF Forum.

Protection of strategic assets at Naturgy

In compliance with Law 8/2011, Naturgy was designated critical operator, implementing the Critical Infrastructures project (CI). Throughout 2018, the Security and Cibersecurity units have carried out the supervision of the processes and actions required for their protection through the analysis of security risks, the introduction of physical protection measures and cybersecurity, the development of training actions, the development of the required documentation, management of incidents and dialogue with the CNPIC (National Centre for the Protection of Infrastructures and Cybersecurity).

Likewise, through the risk analysis and intelligence service of the Security Unit, Naturgy has accurate information at the right time to detect and neutralize potential security risks (terrorism, organised crime, natural disasters, socio-political conflicts, among others), mitigate the impact of these and promote resilience and continuity of operations.

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