Integrated Annual Report 2018
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Naturgy views innovation as the function that enables it to guide and drive the necessary developments, access them and apply them effectively in pursuit of its objectives. It recognises that properly orienting, implementing and applying strategic innovation are vital to obtaining competitive advantages in the markets and achieving sustainable development of its activity.

Consequently, the company applies an innovation model that is aligned with the businesses and contributes to the objectives of the Strategic Plan, it monitors developments outside the plan and anticipates disruptions in the energy model that may change the rules of the game. It does this through a solid culture of innovation, with open collaboration initiatives, intrapreneurship programmes and other tools to promote innovation.

Analysis of 2018 results

Innovation vision

The company's innovation function continues to be based on 5 major building blocks:

Social innovation

Working to mitigate situations of energy vulnerability since 2014 through preventative measures, agreements with local and regional governments, and awareness-raising activities, including participation in forums and round tables on poverty. As part of the Vulnerability Plan, a number of measures were stepped up in 2018: the Solidarity Fund for Energy Rehabilitation and the Social Employment Program.

Innovation in marketing

This area includes all the company's efforts to get to know its customers' actual specific needs, and to ensure that they have access to cuttingedge products that make their everyday lives easier. A major ongoing initiative is the CeX (Customer Experience) project, under which the company is applying a new methodology that is primarily customer-centric. The principal project in 2018 was the Clear Communication Project, the goal being to convey relevant information to customers in a clear and simple form.

Innovation in organisation

This area refers to actions aimed at meeting emerging needs with respect to new business models, resulting in a new work organisation and steps to minimise risks and increase quality and safety within the organisation's practices.

Product innovation

The FutureSisens Project provides smart flow monitoring in renewable gas plants. In particular, the project aims to develop flow sensors that are energyautonomous or use very little energy and are capable of measuring flows in natural gas distribution networks (medium and low pressure).

Process innovation

A notable project in this area was the optimisation of the hydroelectric generating fleet by applying machine learning in combination with traditional optimisation approaches, as well as cloud computing solutions, in models for operating the hydroelectric generation fleet in the electricity market. The goal is to achieve more advanced analytical models in an AWS environment that allow for growth in revenues by detecting and seizing new market opportunities within a process of continuous improvement.

Innovation Plan

The innovation plan is structured through four strategic innovation areas: Energy Transition, Digitalisation, Customer-Centric andNew business models, within which the following priorities were defined:

Sustainable mobility

Naturgy identifies sustainable mobility as a key component of strategic innovation within its positioning in environmentally friendly energies. As a leading energy company, it will play a fundamental role in the process of transforming mobility models, where renewable natural gas and electricity are the main vectors.

In 2018, we have developed the COFAST project, which consists of a new standardised integrated solution for fast charging stations for electric vehicles. The electricity for the charging stations will be supplied by small-scale natural gas-fired cogeneration plants.

Smart Client

In the Smart Client area, Naturgy is committed to the digital transformation of its customers as the key to achieving the objective of evolving our energy model towards a more efficient, decarbonised and decentralised one in which the concept of consumer will evolve towards a more active role in which their participation makes it possible to achieve those goals. The new active consumer will focus on three axes: distributed generation and autoproducer solutions, digital solutions and IoT products, and data analytics, making it possible to enhance customer segmentation and get to know customers better in order to offer them personalised recommendations, products and services, and also to optimise asset efficiency and operations. One of the most notable projects in 2018 was GrowSmarter, an IoT solution for residential customers,and a pilot test of a number of photovoltaic and energy storage solutions for residential and tertiary customers has begun.

In the area of Energy Efficiency Solutions, activities focused on the development of new integrated energy solutions, based on high-efficiency renewable technologies, that can be designed and operated optimally (in both energy and monetary terms) for the development of Near-Zero Energy Buildings. One of the projects in 2018 was ReUseHeat, which aims to demonstrate heat recovery technologies in urban environments; Naturgy implemented a pilot project at a hospital in Madrid..

Distributed generation and autoproduction

The purpose of the distributed generation and autoproduction line in 2018 was to create tools and resources to support the development of products based on photovoltaic generation and batteries for end customers, as well as projects such as Growsmarter. Apart from technological developments in the field of photovoltaics and batteries, Naturgy's main contribution in this connection is its vision of the customer, which is a key element when designing control systems that maximise the value to beextracted from these solutions.

Accordingly, it continues to pilot test commercial solutions in the Autoproduction Laboratory. The goal is to provide the business with technical and economic information about new products that are available in the market. To this end, a cost/ benefit analysis methodology has been developed that uses simulation tools developed in-house, such as GENPER and OBAMA, as well as laboratory tests to measure the benefits for specific customer categories. In cooperation with manufacturers and the IREC technology centre, the laboratory also developed an energy manager for Naturgy to optimise battery usage that is compatible with a number of commercial solutions.

Renewables and storage

Naturgy is committed to a balanced energy mix in the group's assets, in which emission-free technologies account for a growing share of its total installed capacity. Innovation in this area focuses on three main lines of action:

  • Storage solutions, which facilitate greater grid integration of intermittent renewable electricity, oriented towards further enhancing the quality and reliability of the supply.
  • Advanced management of generation facilities (wind, hydroelectric, solar): with initiatives for smart monitoring of assets, application of new technologies for environmental oversight and security, better communication and remote monitoring systems, predictive tools, etc.
  • Evaluation of new renewable generation technologies: marine, offshore wind, geothermal, gas renewable hybridisation, etc.

One of the projects implemented in 2018 was the continuation of activities at the PV Photovoltaic Solar Laboratory in Durango (Mexico), where photovoltaic modules, structures and associated equipment are pilot-tested in order to analyse, monitor and optimise key operational parameters and indicators.

Renewable gas and liquefied natural gas

As part of Naturgy's commitment to evolve towards a low carbon economy, the company has been working for several years to promote renewable gas by participating in a number of projects, both in Spain and elsewhere in Europe, whose objective is to obtain renewable natural gas from renewable resources, and apply processes to obtain gas of a sufficient quality for injection into the natural gas grid so that it can be used for industrial, mobility, residential and power generation applications. Implementing these innovation projects makes it possible to study how the available technologies work, identify their advantages, and develop new technologies so as to optimise and reduce their production costs.

The company also continues to pursue innovation projects in the area of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), with a focus on three lines of action: optimisation of the LNG logistics chain (small scale), development of LNG as a cleaner, more efficient fuel for transport (bunkering), and development of LNG metering.

Some of the principal projects in this area are the Renewable Gas Unit, a joint project of Naturgy and EnergyLab in cooperation with the Bens waste water treatment plant, which has resulted in the commissioning of a biogas upgrading plant located at the WWTP, in order to produce biomethane; and Life Methamorphosis, in which the company developed and implemented the Methagro business line to produce high quality biomethane from agro-industrial waste and other organic waste materials.

Advanced asset management

The goal of this innovation effort is to maximise asset performance using advanced data analysis and new operational strategies in order to:

  • Increase asset efficiency, reliability and flexibility.
  • Identify new strategies for theoptimised asset exploitation.
  • Optimise maintenance in the field.

Using new technologies to not only avoid assets' obsolescence but also incorporate new elements that enhance their competitiveness and capacity to generate value in a highly complex environment.

During 2018, the GALA project focused on advanced control of overhead power lines (high voltage and medium voltage) in order to optimise and improve the periodic examinations required by regulation and establish an optimised felling and pruning plan for 2020.

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